Deadlands: The Wierd West (Eddie's Posse)

The Drawing of the Three

“A whole town jist up an’ vanished, somehow Ah doubt ’at.” Angus thought as he scooped in another helping of bacon in his hand. Angus was reading the latest copy of the Tombstone Epitaph. He thought about how the world has changed so much in the last few years. Stories from the war, the evils of slavery, even a story about how cotton picking is just so damn hard would be preferable than this garbage he reads on what seems to be like a daily basis.
“They cannae be serious..” Angus said aloud with a thick scottish accent, he looked over at the lady behind the bar counter.
“Have ye read this garbage!? th’ whole town, ay new jerusalem, just up an’ disappeared. nae a body can fin’ it. a whole town! how dae they expect us tae believe in ’at?”
The barmaid just shrugged incredulously.
Angus went back to reading. He had just started reading a story about some new religious movement when another man walked in. He looked a little ragged from travel, He wore some nice dress pants and a button up shirt, with a black vest. He wore a white derby hat. He had the look of a gamblin’ man, or at least he had slung a card or two. This man was a tall bean pole of a man. Angus eyed him curiously.
“Who might ye be sair?”
The man replied in a deep southern draw,“Eddie, is dis the Golden Gal Saloon?”
“Och aye sair” Angus looked to the bar, “Annabelle looks liken ye be havin’ a customer other than me today, micht e’en be from yer hometown!”
“Do ya mind if’n I join ya sir? I was fixen to get me some breakfast, a little accompany would be nice.” Said Eddie.
“Sure, would rather grab tae somethin’ wi’ some sense than thes crabbit piece ay paper they call news.” replied Angus, He gestured to the seat in front of him at the table, “What brings ye tae th’ city ay salt lake?”
“Just passin through town sir, Wha’s your name?”
“Angus McFarlan, and you Sair?”
“My name is Eddie, some call me lucky eddie.”
“Oy! I think I have heard of you.” Angus looked at Eddie incredulously," Have you ever worked for the Denver Pacific?"
Eddie blinked," Why yes sir, funny you should mention it, its how I got my nom de guerre, I used to work in demolitions. A horrible accident occurred, and I was the only one to survive. They gave me the name Lucky Eddie. How did you know that?"
Angus clapped Eddie on the shoulder," I work for the Denver Pacific as an Engineer, That story spread quickly in the company. I wondered what happened to ye."
“Well you can stop wonderin’ now. You play cards?”
Angus looked at Eddie," Of course Sair, who doesn’t?"
Eddie pulled out a deck of cards, when another man entered the saloon. Both Angus and Eddie looked at each other as they see a peculiar individual walk into the saloon. A lone china man walked up to the bar and asked for a single glass of water.
Angus looked over at the man “Oy, son are ye lost? Shan Fran is on the west side of this country.”
The chinese man turned to McFarlan, “No, I am on way to west coast.”
Eddie looked at the man, he appeared to be dressed in some Chinese garb. He was guessing some sort of monk, or hobo. He didn’t have any pronounced features or any sign of money. “Do you play cards?” Eddie said as he shook the cards over his head.
“I have no money for that.” the Chinese man looked down.
“Relax, its a friendly game have a seat.”, Eddie gestured at a vacant seat across from him.

The three men played several games of cards and got to know each other over the course of the next several hours. McFarlain told tales of being an engineer for the Denver Pacific. He mentioned that there have been some train robberies as of late, he was on this special train hoping to catch those who may be involved. Eddie talked about his home town of N’awlins and the reason he left to find fortune, to take care of his remaining family, most notably his daughter. Times were tough when his wife died, work was scarce, he went in search of riches elsewhere. The Chinese man introduced himself as Li Wen He was sent by his Sifu Mo Depu to enlighten himself. His master said that he should walk the land eastward and learn what he is capable of.

Later that evening, three drunken men walked into the saloon.
“Three shots of whiskey for me and my friends!”, one of them said.
One of the other men looked over at the three friends playing cards. “Hey! I love this game deal me and my friends in! What’s the buy in?”, said one of the other men.
“This is a friendly game, so lets say five dollars.”, Said Eddie.
Eddie started to deal out the cards.

Several games went by and the drunken man didn’t stand a chance to Eddie’s skill. At the end of this particular game Li Wen won.
“That’s it! I won’t lose to some panface hobo! That hand didn’t count!”, said one of the men.
“Sorry, but you lost”, Said Eddie
“what your really going to take his side”, the man said with a very ominous tone.
Eddie looked over to Li, “Go on and take your winnings son.”
“You chinee lovin’ son of a …”, The man flipped the table and went to throw a punch at Eddie.
Li Wen, moving faster than anyone could see deflected the punch and kicked the man squarely on the chest. Causing him to fly into a nearby table. The other two men went to gang up on him. Li moved so that the friend of the far side of his attacker would have to go through his friend to attack. The man closest to Li grabbed a bottle and broke the bottom half on a nearby table.
“Lets see what you got china man.” He lunged in with the bottle. Li dodged it easily enough. Angus came in with a punch and landed it in the mans jaw, causing him to slump to the floor. His friend came in to tackle Eddie. Li wen was quick and managed to trip him before he got close enough. Eddie kicked the man who was about to tackle him.

Everyone in the bar looked on, Half frozen by the sudden outburst, the rest just curious to see who would win this fight. When it finally ended, Eddie nodded to Li Wen, “Thanks son, I appreciate the help. I think its time we call it a night.”
Angus looked to the two men, " You boys want a Job? I might have something for you?"
The three went on upstairs talking about tomorrows events. Then went to sleep wondering what kind of adventures the new day will bring.

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